The Equipment You Need to Start a Construction/ General Contracting Business

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The Equipment You Need to Start a Construction/ General Contracting Business

Starting your own business is a lot of work, but do it right and you'll be rewarded with great pay and flexible hours. Work for construction and general contracting businesses are always in demand. Whether it's a family wanting a kitchen upgrade, a bedroom added on, or even a whole house remodel, people need contractors.


Here’s what you’ll need to start a construction/general contracting business:


You will need to get licensed and insured first. You’ll also want to make sure you finances are in order. There are a lot of online resources that can help you adhere to your state laws so your business is set to start working. Make sure that you have employees because many jobs will need more than one person to do the work.


There is a lot of equipment that will be needed depending on the different kinds of jobs you take on. A good idea if you are just starting out and pressed for cash is to rent the equipment that isn’t too commonly used for each job that you are hired for. This will minimize the maintenance cost of certain equipment until your business is big enough to need its own equipment. Another option is to purchase used equipment which could save you a good amount. This list will inform you of the most common equipment that will be used for most of the jobs that you are hired for.

A Drill and Drill Bits

You will need this to drill metal, hardwood, and many other materials. Certain materials require special designed bits. Some bits will be needed for accurate, clean holes while others can be rough but are used because they are fast and cheap. You need a nice variety for different jobs you do.


This is for you to use for whenever you have to do something that is higher than you can reach.

Carpenters’ Levels

To make sure the end product is safe, you need to keep things level. This will make your customers happy which could mean more job opportunities and your work is the best quality which customers will notice.


There will be times where a 2x4 is too long and you need to saw a few inches off.  A great first saw would be a circular saw. It will saw through the material much quicker making jobs easier (and more lucrative).

A Hammer

This is a basic tool that every contractor or construction worker needs. You should also invest in a mallet.

A Tape Measure

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a tape measure when you need to measure something? Again, this is a basic tool that is necessary. Customers will ask for measurements all the time and knowing the measurement might be how you base your prices on certain jobs.

A Speed Square

A speed square is a triangular tool that combines a ruler, a Try square, a protractor, a line scribing tool, a common width board ripping guide, and a saw guide to make 90° and 45° cuts.

A Trailer

Whether you have a pickup truck or not, you will not have enough space for all of the supplies needed for certain jobs. You can find a trailer that will be the perfect size for you after you find the kind of jobs you prefer to do. You may need to transport drywall and you can’t just throw all of your tools on top or below the drywall, that is where having a trailer to keep special materials from getting ruined comes in handy.


Plus, trailers are typically easier to load and unload than a pickup truck bed, making the job easier on you and your employees backs.

This is Just the Start

This list was just the most common tools and equipment you will use when doing your jobs. There will be many other materials to get whenever you are hired for a job. Be safe and enjoy your new construction or general contracting business!

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